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STD Packages
Private, Confidential Sexual Health Testing, Treatment and Contraceptive services
Private, Confidential Sexual Health Testing, Treatment and Contraceptive services
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STDs Testing Packages

What type of STD test do I need?

A major issue for most people is knowing which sexually transmitted pathogens to test for. In many cases, patients have attended free sexual health screening services, yet are still experiencing some symptoms post-treatment. The reason for this, is that routine and free STD screens typically do not test for all sexually transmitted diseases, such as Ureaplasma or HPV.

Our packages are designed to be a private, comprehensive sexual health screening solution for complete peace of mind.

At STD Check London, our packages include a consultation and examination by our experienced private doctor, who will discuss your history and the reason why you would like to get tested. Based on your clinical picture, you will then be in a better place to decide which level of testing you wish to undergo, saving you the time, expense and hassle of multiple sexual health tests. Included in our packages is a review of your results and prescription for any treatment, if needed.

How often should I test for STDs?

STDs and STIs are common because many people do not know how to prevent and avoid contracting them. A lot of people do not realise they are infected because many STDs can remain present in the system without showing any symptom. Even though the infection is asymptomatic, it can still be spread. That is why regular testing for STDs is important.

It is recommended that sexually active young adults should test for HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhoea at least once a year. However, anyone who is sexually active, irrespective of age should test for STDs regularly.

Test for STD today!

Know your STD status today and be certain you are STD-free. Call us to schedule an appointment or visit our clinic to test for STDs and get your result in a few minutes. We will be glad to offer professional assistance.