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Private HIV Testing London

The only way to find out if you have HIV is to undergo an HIV test, as symptoms of HIV may not appear for many years.

If you suspect an HIV infection then it’s absolutely vital to undergo a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) test. The HIV virus will weaken the immune system and if left untreated may cause immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). There are HIV tests to check for antibodies produced by the immune system in reaction to the HIV infection. Other HIV tests enable you to find evidence of the virus and rapid tests may deliver results within a few hours.

How HIV tests work:

The HIV test used at the STD Check Clinic will search for HIV I & II antigens in the blood sample taken when you attend. The antigens can be detected within 28 days of exposure to the virus and results are received on the same day. Your results will then be one of the following:

  • Negative – HIV antigen is not detected in the sample. If you have performed the test after 28 days have elapsed, you can consider yourself HIV free.
  • Reactive – HIV antigens were detected in the sample, the test should be repeated and if confirmed, treatment should be started immediately.
  • Invalid – The test delivers invalid response which means something went wrong while performing the test. The result is not an indication of HIV status of the person and will need to be repeated.

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How often you should get tested?

People who are in the age group of 13 to 64 years should perform at least one HIV test in a year. Make sure you consider HIV testing yearly and before enjoying intercourse with your new partner.

Certain people are at particular risk of contracting HIV and should undergo more regular testing. These groups include those who:

  • Have had unprotected anal, oral or vaginal sex with more than one partner or with an anonymous partner since the last screening.
  • Are men having sex with other men.
  • Black African men and women if having unprotected sex with new or casual partners.
  • Use intravenous (IV) drugs such as hormones, steroids or illicit substances.
  • Have been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) like hepatitis or syphilis.
  • Exchange sex for drugs or money.
  • Have had unprotected sex with someone who has been sexually assaulted
  • Those planning to get pregnant.

What to expect from the test?

At the STD Check clinic in London you will provide a blood sample which will be sent to the lab immediately for analysis. Results will be received on the same day and disseminated to you by the method of your choosing. If a positive result is detected, you will be invited to return to the clinic to speak with our doctor who will advise and assist you on the next steps which must be taken.

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