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Hepatitis B
Private, Confidential Sexual Health Testing, Treatment and Contraceptive services
Private, Confidential Sexual Health Testing, Treatment and Contraceptive services
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Hepatitis B Test London

Hepatitis B is a liver infection by the hepatitis B virus. It can be severe and self-resolving or chronic, thus causing liver cancer and cirrhosis. HBV is a disease for a short period of time that does not cause permanent damage in most adults. However, 2 to 6 percent of adults infected with it will develop a chronic infection that may cause liver cancer. Nearly, 90 percent of infants with this virus will suffer from a chronic infection.

Who should be screened for the hepatitis B virus?

  • People who are born in areas where HBV is endemic.
  • Men who have had sexual intercourse with another man.
  • Intravenous drug users.
  • Patients who need to undergo dialysis.
  • HIV-infected people.
  • Women who are pregnant.
  • Family members and sex partners of HBV-infected people even though they had sex only once.
  • People who had more than one sex partner within six months.
  • People who have to depend on medicines will have weakened immune system.

What are the causes for hepatitis B?

  • Body infection with the hepatitis B virus.
  • Present in the blood and bodily fluids.
  • Transmitted through blood, semen and vaginal fluids.
  • Pass from the mother to newborn at the time of delivery.
  • Sharing the same needle with an infected person.
  • Enjoying unprotected sex with your partner.

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What are the symptoms of hepatitis B?

  • Fever.
  • Fatigue.
  • Joint pain.
  • Vomiting.
  • Nausea.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Clay-colored stools.
  • Dark urine.
  • Jaundice.

How can hepatitis B be diagnosed?

Doctors usually diagnose hepatitis B by performing blood tests. The screening for hepatitis B may be recommended for the individuals who:

  • Have been in close contact with someone suffering from hepatitis B.
  • Are men and had sex with another man.
  • Have visited a country where most people are affected with hepatitis B.
  • Have HIV.
  • Use IV drugs.
  • Have been in jail.
  • Are pregnant.
  • Receive kidney dialysis.

How can you prevent hepatitis B?

The hepatitis B vaccine is the best way to prevent the infection. These groups should receive the hepatitis B vaccine:

  • All infants during birth.
  • Any children and adolescents who had not been vaccinated at the time of birth.
  • Adults who are treated for sexually transmitted infections.
  • People who work with different blood samples.
  • HIV-positive individuals.
  • Men who have enjoyed sex with another man.
  • People having more than one sexual partner.
  • Injection drug users.
  • Family members of those infected with hepatitis B.
  • Individuals who are suffering from chronic diseases.
  • People traveling to areas where there are higher rates of hepatitis B.

In other words, everyone should receive a hepatitis B vaccine as it is safe and inexpensive.

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