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Uncommon Ways of Contracting STDs
Uncommon Ways of Contracting STDs
Uncommon Ways of Contracting STDs

Uncommon Ways of Contracting STDs

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are known to be transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse with infected persons. This is why people go to great lengths to prevent them by using condoms, practising safe sex and proper hygiene.

However, there are other ways one can get STDs, that does not involve unhygienic habits or unprotected sex. Below are some of them:

  • This is one of the most uncommon ways one can get STDs like Herpes and HPV. However, it has been confirmed by doctors that tanning beds can ensure the survival of viruses and some infections. This is because of its constant usage and warm temperature, making it favourable for these viruses to thrive. Although the probability of getting STD through a tanning bed is low, it would not hurt to be extra careful when using them.

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  • Although the chance of getting HIV through oral sex is low, the same cannot be said for other Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Studies show that a high percentage of STD cases like syphilis and gonorrhoea of the throat is as a result of oral sex. Indulging in any form of unprotected sex, including oral sex, places you at risk of STD.

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  • This can be very dangerous if you already have STD, as it can be passed to your child through breastfeeding. The only way to avoid the transmission is to avoid breastfeeding entirely, especially if you have STDs like Syphilis, Herpes, HIV/AIDS and Trichomoniasis. The exceptions are Chlamydia, HPV and gonorrhoea, as they cannot be transmitted to the infant through breast milk.

  • Some people may not know, but dirty hands are one of the easiest ways to get STDs.

    Hepatitis A is an incurable STD that you can get by ingesting faecal matter which can be contracted after the use of the restroom without adequately washing the hands. Other examples of STDs that are transmitted from unwashed hands are Syphilis, Herpes, Chlamydia — Ocular syphilis, which is gotten when the unwashed hands get to the eyes.

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  • Although strange, it is true. Note that not all mosquitoes are culprits for transmitting STDs. A particular type of mosquito called the Aedes Aeqypti, also known as the yellow

    fever mosquito is solely responsible for transmitting the ZIKA virus.

    The Zika virus is deemed an STD because it can also be transmitted sexually. It is highly dangerous, especially in pregnant women, and can even cause congenital disabilities. People who have been to Zika infested areas are advised to search for any walk-in STD clinic near me to get tested or visit our STD Check Clinic. We offer confidential STD tests in London.

  • Where a woman is pregnant and diagnosed with STD, there are three ways the child can become infected; during birth, when the water breaks, or during incubation.

    Sometimes, in cases like HIV and Syphilis, the child can get it while still in the womb. There are ways the transmission can be prevented in the child.

    It includes treatment with antibiotics, vaccines and anti-viral drugs to prevent it from spreading to the baby, or in the case of HIV, early medication can reduce the possibility of transmission.

STDs are not transmitted only by unprotected sexual intercourse. However, if you have been infected with any form of STDs or enduring any of its symptoms.

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