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Importance of HIV Screening and Its Benefits
Importance of HIV Screening and Its Benefits
Importance of HIV Screening and Its Benefits

Importance of HIV Screening and Its Benefits

According to a rough estimation drawn by experts at a renowned sexual health clinic in London, over one hundred thousand people are infected with HIV. The more alarming part of the study says thousands of people get infected with the deadly virus every year. Unfortunately, a large number of these people are unaware that they are infected. Just like any other life-threatening disease, the earlier the cases of HIV are detected, the better.

Why Early Detection is Better

Early detection ensures early treatment, which in turn reduces the mortality rate. Moreover, it also prevents further transmission of the disease. It is sad but true that the majority of HIV positive patients receive the necessary care and treatment only after they are diagnosed with the disease. This is because people generally don’t take an HIV test under normal circumstances, although it is known the disease can be transmitted very fast and efficiently.

About one-third of the patients in the UK are diagnosed with the infection at advanced stages. By then crucial time is already lost and they fail to reap the benefits of path-breaking inventions in medicine to fight the disease. Thus, experts from a private centre renowned for Sunday HIV test in London emphasise on early detection of HIV cases, and this is only possible through HIV screening.

ART or anti-retroviral therapy

It is relevant to mention in this context that the ART or anti-retroviral therapy proves effective for these patients. However, it is effective only when it starts at an early stage, even before the appearance of the symptoms. It is important to remember that the earlier the treatment starts, a patient is less likely to get sick from the HIV-related infections, cancer and even AIDS.

Patients, who’re unaware that they are already HIV infected, are three times more likely to transmit the virus to others. Thus, awareness is also a vital tool to prevent transmission of HIV virus. An extensive study conducted by a respected university reveals people, who’re aware of their HIV infection are less likely to engage in behaviours that put others at high risk from the disease.

Once the treatment starts on an HIV patient, the individual’s viral load automatically drops unbelievably low. The risk of an individual transmitting HIV when his/her viral load is unbelievably low is almost zero. Moreover, ART proves effective in lowering the viral load of people within a community. Thus, if properly executed, ART can decrease the chances of further spreading of the infection to a considerable extent.