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Half-a-Dozen Chlamydia Myths Busted
Half-a-Dozen Chlamydia Myths Busted
Half-a-Dozen Chlamydia Myths Busted

Half-a-Dozen Chlamydia Myths Busted

With the latest developments in technology, in 2019, it is pretty easy to access relevant information about various STIs on the internet.

Despite the fact that it is incredibly convenient to find the right information online, some serious misconceptions about certain STIs still surface the internet. Chlamydia happens to be one of those sexually transmitted infections. According to a renowned expert on chlamydia treatment, it’s time to resolve such baseless misinformation.

Myth 1: Chlamydia gets cured automatically, just like a cold would

This misconception can prove fatal. Chlamydia has no automatic cure. It is better if you’re diagnosed early as then you can be treated with antibiotics. If left ignored and untreated, the infection may lead women to a more severe medical condition called pelvic inflammatory disease or PID. For both men and women, it can also lead to infertility.

Myth 2: Chlamydia never recurs

This is another misconception you have to be aware of. Chlamydia isn’t chicken pox. Your biological system won’t get immune to the infection once you get it transmitted. On the other hand, if you’re careful and take the necessary protections, it won’t recur. If you indulge yourself in unprotected sex with multiple partners, you’re likely to get infected with it again. Once you or your partner is infected with chlamydia, avoid having sex till the doctor tells you that you can.

Myth 3: Chlamydia doesn’t transmit through oral or anal sex

Every STD, including chlamydia, can be transmitted through unprotected vaginal sex. It can also affect you through anal or oral sex. Using a condom properly throughout the course of sexual activity minimises your risk of getting the disease. These days, many people are getting themselves tested for chlamydia before getting intimate with new partners.

Myth 4: Chlamydia doesn’t spread through having sex the first time

If you have sex just once with your new partner and they happen to be infected, this will make you vulnerable to the disease. It’s always better to have protected sex with a permanent partner to reduce your risk of picking up the infection.

Myth 5: You can be infected with chlamydia from a toilet seat

This is another misconception that you should better rectify. The bacteria that cause this medical condition can hardly survive outside the human body.

Myth 6: You automatically get the wind if either you or your partner has chlamydia

It’s not true in all cases. The typical symptoms are not found in every chlamydia case. Moreover, even if someone does show the symptoms, they are likely to be considered for a different disease.

In this age of revolutionary access to information, it’s better to search online by using strings like “STI clinic near me” to find reliable centres for chlamydia treatment. Stay away from the myths discussed above, have safe, and protected sex with your partner and get yourself diagnosed earlier if you suffer from any symptoms similar to that of chlamydia.