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5 Reasons You Should Discuss About Sexual Health with a Doctor
5 Reasons You Should Discuss About Sexual Health with a Doctor
5 Reasons You Should Discuss About Sexual Health with a Doctor

5 Reasons You Should Discuss About Sexual Health with a Doctor

Are you a man who has had sex with another man? If yes, then these are the specific health concerns that you need to discuss with the doctor. You might be highly susceptible to a wide range of health conditions such as – sexually transmitted infections and mental health problems. Your doctor will suggest effective ways to remain safe in your sexual relationships.

If you have concerns about disclosing your sexual activities with the doctor, then your sexual health problems may not be treated properly. In turn, they can become severe in due course and you might face unnecessary health problems too. Read on to know the five reasons why you need to talk about your sexual health with the doctor.

  1. Sexually transmitted infections like HIV – It is important to know how you can keep yourself protected against STIs, particularly if you are a man who has sex with another man. STIs are very easily contractible during unprotected sex.

    Some of them may have a few outward symptoms and you will not know if you or your partner had one without getting tested. STIs may lead to serious consequences for your health such as – developing diseases like AIDS and cancer. Some examples of STIs are the following:
  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • HIV
  • Herpes (HSV)
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis A, B and C

    Doctors may treat some STIs, however there are some that can only be managed. Some problems such as herpes and HIV are more severe. If you need to perform a diagnosis of HIV, then you need to take medication daily for the rest of your life to avoid such conditions from getting worse.

    Your doctor may discuss about the risks of these sexually transmitted infections. They may suggest you to get tested for them based on your sexual history. Your doctor can tell you how often you need to go for STI testing in London, any vaccinations they suggest for some STIs and medications that you need to take if you have a sex partner who is HIV positive.
  1. Practice safe sex with your partner – You need to have a conversation with your partner about safe sex. Your doctor will discuss about protective measures to take when enjoying sex to avoid the spreading of STIs. This way, you can protect yourself against any sexually transmitted diseases at the time of having sex with your partner.

    Condoms are a suitable way to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections when you have sex with your partner. The doctor may tell about safe use of condoms like using the ones that are made of latex or other synthetic materials. They may also give instructions on how to wear a condom properly.

    Your doctor will also discuss silicone-based and water based lubricants with you. This may reduce the chances of a condom from either breaking or malfunctioning. Sexual positions may be a topic of discussion with your doctor. If you have a HIV positive partner, then this might increase or decrease the chances of getting infected with this virus.

    When a penis is inserted, this reduces the chance of getting an HIV. However, receiving anal sex or staying on the bottom increases the probability of contracting this condition. Other behaviors that may lessen the chances of getting infected with an STI are:
  • Have sex with less sexual partners.
  • Engage in a monogamous relationship with a sex partner.
  • Prevent situations where you may get intoxicated and engage in risky sexual activities.
  • Get tested with your partner before enjoying a sexual relationship.
  1. Know your body image – STIs are not the only reason why you need to discuss your sexual health with your doctor. Your sexual relationships and identity may affect the overall image of your body. You might find body image to be an essential factor in determining your self-image. This may cause you to engage in unhealthy behaviors for meeting the ideal type of your body.

    Men who have had sex with other men might be at greater risk of developing certain eating disorders such as – bulimia or anorexia. You might feel some pressure to maintain the perfect figure. Alternatively, this can cause various negative consequences for your health.
  2. Determine your emotional health – Your mental health condition may be associated closely with your sexual health. This is especially true for men who have had sex with other men. You can be at higher risk of having a mental condition for certain reasons that include:
  • Discrimination or stigma.
  • When you want to keep sexuality a secret from your family and friends.
  • Health issues such as sexually transmitted infections or diseases.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Threat of violence.

    Your doctor will assess your mental health and give you recommendations for proper treatment and support to ensure your emotional well-being.
  1. Use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco – You need to speak with your doctor about using alcohol, tobacco and drugs. This means you are at risk for substance abuse when you have sex with other men. This can be related to cultural barriers about sexuality or your behaviors involving sex.

The use of drugs, tobacco and alcohol might have long-term consequences on your overall health condition. Besides, some behaviors related to using drugs and alcohol might increase the chances of unsafe sex that causes sexually transmitted infections.  Your doctor may suggest different methods to cut down or reduce the use of harmful substances.

It is important to discuss your sexual health with the doctor so that you know the risks associated with having sex. They will also check your body image, mental health condition and use of unsafe substances. By visiting a doctor at the private sexual health clinic in London, you can be assured of staying healthy and fit all your life.